Want to explore the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia with fellow fans of classic, sports and muscle cars? Would you like to take a stroll through Coker Tire's museum? Eat lunch at an apple orchard? Take a lap of Road Atlanta in your own car? 

Coker Tire, Vredestein and Classic Motorsports magazine have joined forces to host the third Coker Tire Tour, which runs Friday, April 21 from Coker’s headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee to the Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia.

The event will kick off at 5:00 p.m. of Thursday, April 20, with a cookout and tours of the museum at Coker Tire headquarters.

The journey itself starts at Coker Tire’s home base Friday morning with a cars-and-coffee gathering at 8 a.m. Wheels will start rolling at 9:30 a.m., with the tour led by Tim Suddard, publisher of Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports magazines.

The route begins with a loop around beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then winds along mountain roads–where there are plenty of places to pause and take photos­–south to Blue Ridge, Georgia, and a stop at Mercier Orchards. Lunch there will include a wagon tour of the orchard, where the apple blossoms will be in full bloom. You can also buy some gifts: apples, apple cider, apple candy, apple pies and more.

After lunch we will drive a beautiful and challenging road through the Chattahoochee National Forest (think Tail of the Dragon with longer straights). From there we'll pass through an historic small town and on to Road Atlanta. Once at the track, our group will get to park in its own car corral. Then we can all watch some HSR historic sports car racing.

We’ll end our day with a trackside barbecue dinner and the opportunity to take a few laps of the famed Road Atlanta circuit.

This event is for anyone with a classic car, sports car, muscle car or hotrod. Sorry, no rental cars or late-model family cruisers allowed. Basically, if you have a cool car, then you're in. 

The cost is a mere $99 per person and includes your Friday ticket to the Mitty, lunch at Mercier Orchards, a barbecue dinner and parade laps of Road Atlanta (schedule permitting). Want to spend the entire weekend at the Mitty? No problem: When you register, add a full weekend pass to your tour for just $36. Coker Tire Tour participants will also enjoy a reserved spot in their own special car corral for the duration of the Mitty. 

Want to join the Coker Tire Tour? Register right here.