The Mitty is the perfect weekend activity for your club. You bring the people, and the Mitty provides the perfect backdrop. If your club would like to coordinate things with us, contact Rick Goolsby. All club members will receive free infield corral parking as well.

Reserved parking is available to all car clubs, as long as you notify us beforehand. Aside from that, a ticket for the event is all you need to park like a VIP next to your fellow club members. 

The Michelin Car Corrals of the World at this year's Mitty will organize vehicles by manufacturer country of origin. The result will be an exciting showcase of each nation's automotive contributions through the past century. Your crew should be part of it!

To claim an infield parking area for your club, shoot an email to Rick Goolsby. And don't forget to buy your ticket to the Classic Motorsports Mitty.

We hope to see you at Road Atlanta!